Suzanne LaFetra

About the book

Hecho en Mexico: You see it stamped on light bulbs and lunch boxes, sewn into bathing suits and carved into furniture. Growing up in Southern California, I felt the powerful pull of Mexico early on. I grew up with a taste for chile, could point to Mazatlan on a map, and my favorite blouse was embroidered with delicate yellow flowers, bought in a dumpy shop in Tijuana.

In 1987, five days after I graduated from college, I headed south, and lived for the next six years in Mexico. Most people spend a good part of their twenties figuring out what the hell they’re going to do with their lives, understanding who they are, making mistakes. I did too, but I did it in Spanish, hanging out with inmates in a Tijuana prison, wading through swampy mangroves, buying devil masks in a market in Mexico City, painting with wax on a Caribbean beach, and praying that my boyfriend hadn’t stashed cocaine in the spare tire of my car.

While my friends at home were getting MBAs, working for the State Department, and becoming lawyers, I was shooing boa constrictors out from under my bed, toasting in the sun until I got skin cancer, and royally pissing off my father by not joining the family business. In that sunny country, I was able to shed the skin of insecurity and snake my way into adulthood. I had to fly south to figure out who I was, and I spent six years in Mexico forging the stamp that was uniquely mine. When I finally left Mexico and my twenties behind me, I was a grown woman. I was made in Mexico.


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